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Meet the Midwife

Eloisa M. Cary, LM, CPM

In my role as a midwife, I am honored to uphold the beauty and intimacy of birth, while being an unobtrusive guardian of safety for the childbearing parent and baby. I believe deeply in the normalcy of birth and employ an appropriate use of technology and medicine in the preservation of my clients’ well-being. Birth is a crucial moment in a person’s life and it holds the potential for great amounts of growth and joy. 


In my midwifery practice, I am able to draw on my background, which is a blend of science and somatics. I have a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience from Smith College, and have studied and taught ballroom dance, karate, naturopathy, and yoga. My interest in midwifery arose during the birth of my first child.  The experience of giving birth at home completely transformed my life.  I realized on a personal level that the setting in which a birth takes place predicts many features of the birth, and I got to experience first hand all the positive outcomes that resulted from the decision to have a home birth.  I was left with the question, “Who wouldn’t want to bring that sense of transformation to women and their families?”  I answered that question by becoming a licensed midwife. Soon after my daughter’s birth, I started completing my prerequisites and went on to attend Seattle Midwifery School (now Bastyr University), doing internships with several different midwifery practices in Washington State.  I live in Bellingham with my husband and children.

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