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Meet the Midwives

Eloisa M. Cary, LM, CPM

In my role as a midwife, I am honored to uphold the beauty and intimacy of birth, while being an unobtrusive guardian of safety for the childbearing parent and baby. I believe deeply in the normalcy of birth and employ an appropriate use of technology and medicine in the preservation of my clients’ well-being. Birth is a crucial moment in a person’s life and it holds the potential for great amounts of growth and joy. 


In my midwifery practice, I am able to draw on my background, which is a blend of science and somatics. I have a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience from Smith College, and have studied and taught ballroom dance, karate, naturopathy, and yoga. My interest in midwifery arose during the birth of my first child.  The experience of giving birth at home completely transformed my life.  I realized on a personal level that the setting in which a birth takes place predicts many features of the birth, and I got to experience first hand all the positive outcomes that resulted from the decision to have a home birth.  I was left with the question, “Who wouldn’t want to bring that sense of transformation to women and their families?”  I answered that question by becoming a licensed midwife. Soon after my daughter’s birth, I started completing my prerequisites and went on to attend Seattle Midwifery School (now Bastyr University), doing internships with several different midwifery practices in Washington State.  I live in Bellingham with my husband and children.

Haley Thomas, CPM, MSM

My deep-rooted passion for midwifery was ignited by personal experiences that forever altered my perspective on pregnancy and healthcare. Witnessing my sister’s first pregnancy at a tender age showed me the potential for positive change in how we care for new families. Additionally, the remarkable career of my best friend’s mother, a nurse midwife who dedicated decades of her life to both hospital and home births, inspired me to embark on a path of intimate care with families as a midwife.

I proudly hold a Master of Science in Midwifery from Bastyr University, with a focus on botanical medicine for the childbearing year. My greatest fulfillment lies in guiding parents through the profound and transformative process of childbirth. It’s an extraordinary privilege to help families navigate the unknown challenges that birth can bring and to bear witness to their remarkable journey into parenthood. One of the most cherished aspects of midwifery is the unique connection formed with each family, allowing us to navigate this incredible journey together.

As a passionate advocate for herbal medicine, I weave it into my practice as much as possible. I approach each individual with a personalized touch, crafting herbal treatments that align with their unique needs to enhance their overall well-being.

Bellingham, my beloved home for over a decade, holds a special place in my heart. Its vibrant community and the awe-inspiring beauty of its natural landscapes continually inspire and rejuvenate my spirit. I moved here to attend Western Washington University, where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Community Health and simply could never leave!

Beyond my midwifery practice, my life is enriched by my loving and creative partner, Michael, our lively dog, Banjo, sassy cat, Bean, and my thriving collection of plant babies. Each of them brings boundless joy to my life and reflects the importance of nurturing and growth.

I’m here to offer unwavering support on your journey throughout pregnancy, and I am genuinely excited to meet you!

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